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Guru Hanumanda Quoted


GURU HANUMANDA quotes Life story is alway not perfect, but life is perfect, the universe life is you,.. meaning Like a road, it has many bends,  ups and down but that its beauty in life The Anger word  meaning in spiritual world “It is a punishment we give to ourself,…

Happiness State of Mind


Happiness State of Mind Quotes A guy met one of his school mates several years after school and he could not believe his eyes; his friend was driving one of the latest sleek Mercedes Benz cars. He went home feeling awful and very disappointed in himself. He thought he was…

Wonderful of Tulsi Plant Sri Hanumanda and Healing Magical Mantra


Welcome to Sri Hanumanda Blog all about life transformation,improvement,Life Enhancement ,Life value…more 18-April 2017 Post In Indian Culture, keeping a Tulsi plant in the house is very important. But,have you wondered why? Tulsi a sacred symbol, it is said that the Tulsi plant helps in removing all the fault in vaastu…