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Sri Hanumanda 宇宙阴阳堂 the supreme soul light,to serve you with love 于灵光,大爱为你服务 . ANCIENT SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY, FENG SHUI, MEDITATION SERVICES 灵占星术算命理,风水与灵修静坐服务 SINCE 1975 .. We are new in Spiritual online store ,mission is to promote products for life changing, improvement that can help transform people life to a better person,Hanumanda teaching is living life to high level of Life Transformation..Hopeful all the Devotee,friend,customers and any people in this world able to support my new online store as one of ours Guru Hanumanda dream is to built a Hanumanda temple for guide anyone that need help in Life direction..Thank You from Ben Lim Hanumanda online store owner ..

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