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Health & Longevity

Although every item sold in this shop can help with your health, we have selected a few that specifically help with health . The reason why we say “every item” is because Feng Shui is about creating a harmony and balance in your home or office whether the problem is money or romance if they are not balanced in your life they will have an affect on your life and health and those around you. Sometimes it is better to look at the root of the problem and fix that. We suggest you have a good look at all the items offered in this unique site, also study the information provided as it may not be necessary to purchase from us only to change your life style.

Relationships & Children

The following items will help to enhance or strengthen a relationship. Be careful with them we have seen some amazing results.Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years for a child’s education and personality, and if you use the items below you will notice an improvement in your child’s study and personality.

Wealth & Business

Ask Richard Branson or Donald Trump if Feng Shui has helped them with accumulating their vast wealth? The answer will be yes. There are thousands of enthusiasts, politicians, entrepreneurs, multi national companies all over the world, all using Feng Shui to enhance their wealth and other aspects of their life. A 4000 year old practice can’t be wrong.

Cures & Protection

Feng Shui Cures have been used all over the world for thousands of years now and on this page, you will find a selection of traditional and authentic Feng Shui Cures used for Wealth, Health, Relationships, Career and much more.

Water Features

Water is used to activate or slow down ch’i in a room, being highly beneficial for health, wealth and relationships. These beautiful Feng Shui fountains copy the natural flow of water in a harmonious way creating the energy of ch’i. Placing a tabletop fountain in your home or office is the easiest way to add ch’i into your life and will significantly enhance the desires you are working for. They can have an amazing effect on your wealth, romance and general well-being.

Fountains also add the relaxing sound of a babbling brook to your environment and are recommended for homes that have central heating, as they increase the humidity level which in turn decreases dust, pollutants and static electricity. Flowing or moving water also increases negative ions in the air. Excessive amounts of positive ions (which are created by pollution and other factors) can result in sickness and depression. Water Fountains can help by balancing the negative and positive ions in the air. These high quality fountains all have the same effect and your choice of fountain should be one that appeals to you personally. Every home and office should have one.

All fountains come complete with pumps and polished stones where indicated, and are easy to assemble within minutes. All these fountains are designed so you can add crystals or suitable plants.

Metal Cures

Metal Cures in Feng Shui formulate an outstanding remedy when the evil energies as the 5 Yellow Star and 2 Black Star choose to take up annual residence in your home. The following Metal Cures will weaken the negative energies of these stars that will cause bad luck, ill health, mishaps, legal problems, accidents and just an overall run of bad luck.

Most Feng Shui Practitioners make the mistake of trying to control the nasty energy of the 2 & 5 with wood thus causing conflict. Metal is an element that weakens earth, if you imagine a metal spade digging up earth, you will never control it but will weaken it. Wood on the other hand controls and destroys earth, imagine a tree’s roots in the ground they would break up the earth and this would cause many problems from chronic illness to very bad luck.

Feng Shui Art

Feng Shui Art is important to finding balance in a home or office. You can use a simple painting of a mountain scenery to give support in business and relationships or water landscape to activate a wealth star. These distinctive Chinese style paintings will open your mind; no one will see them in the same way, each one has a story to tell and the longer you look and appreciate the more you read into them.

Each one is hand painted by a professional artist onto fine silk, the quality is outstanding and framework and finish are second to none, each painting has been signed by the artist and has his personal seal. Feng Shui art is recent to this site because we have refused to sell the gimmicky art that is sold on some web sites, this collection have been personally composed for their beauty as well as their power to enhance a home or business. No matter how hard we tried the photos below do not give them full justice.

As with all our products each painting has been cleared of any negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy.

Feng Shui Essential Oils

We have created three different buying options for the Essential Oils:

  • Feng Shui Store Essential Oil Kit – all five of our blended 100% pure Essential Oils, five Quartz Crystals, Feng Shui Oil Burner and aromatics software to determine where to burn the Oils. This is ideal for those that wish to enhance every aspect of their life; they also make great gift sets.
  • Feng Shui Store single Essential Oil – Single Essential Oil blend with harmonics software and Quartz Crystal – This is ideal for those who wish to only enhance certain aspects of their life.
  • Feng Shui Store Essential Oil Refills – Refill of any of the five Essential Oil blends for when you run out or if you just wish to use it without placement.

You can imagine our excitement at developing this range of essential oils.  Because we have used essential oils for such a long time, we are extremely selective and aware of the difference in qualities of oils and it took us over three years to select the right company to supply our oils and endless mixes to find the right blends.

We have used essential oils as an alternative treatment to modern medicine for around 32 years and have used them in Feng Shui for around 13 years.  We first started using essential oils in Feng Shui with the products that we sell on our website and each product is cleansed with the same blend of space clearing essential oils that is included in our Feng Shui Aromatics range.  Using essential oils and aromatics is not new to Feng Shui; as it has been used for thousands of years along with sound as they resonate close to each other.

Aroma is like music, the smell and experience can be so different to each individual.  I personally love the strongest English mustard and to me the smell and taste is a perfect combination of the most auspicious Sheng Chi Feng Shui you could ever wish for, but if I placed a jar of mustard under my wife Josephine’s nose she would probably be sick and for that reason, we had to test the oils with so many different people to try and make a blend that would suit everyone.  The power of these essential oils is actually quite amazing and because the aroma is so strong they resonate at a perfect frequency and the effects are extremely powerful.
Included in the kits is a very powerful and valuable piece of Feng Shui software that has been adapted for the Feng Shui Aromatics range giving you valuable information on where to burn your oils to enhance certain aspects of your life like wealth, health, relationships, academics etc. The software on its own will also show you which direction you should face while working, sleeping, meditating etc to enhance your life.

These 100% pure Essential Oils are a brand new range of ours and after 3 years of development, getting the precise blend, countless visits to blenders, hundreds of samples, bottle sizing and so much more we have finally got an extraordinary blend that we are proud to put our name on. This has been a massive project for us and was a great journey to get a completely unique product that is 100% customised to get the optimum results for health, wealth, career, relaxation, relationships and so much more.

These Essential Oil blends are made up of 100% pure Essential Oils and contain no carrier oils which was vital for us as this can weaken the aroma of the blend and also the effectiveness when using the Oil. We visited a great deal of suppliers over the 3 years of development to be sure that the product we supply to you is the best that it can be which actually put us 200% over our budget but was really worth it to get the best quality that we could.

Every bottle has been embedded with a message on the inside of the label with the words “I love you” which is a well-known method discovered by Masaru Emoto who did a series of experiments to prove that when surrounded by positive though and words, anything with energy will affect our physical environment for the better. If you search Google for the famous “rice experiment” you will find just how effective and amazing this method truly is.

As you are probably aware, the power of quartz Crystals are extremely effective in enhancing different areas of your life and have found that they are extremely effective when used with aroma and sounds as they resonate at a similar level and in our opinion, can alter the state of the oil and especially so when placed in the correct area which of course, our software will guide you on and for this reason we have also had a quartz crystal placed in each bottle to greatly enhance the effects of each Essential Oil blend. These Crystals have gone through a very intense cleansing process before being placed in to the bottles.

These Essential Oils have been blended using the finest Essential Oils and are 100% pure and undiluted with only the best quality Oils available to create the optimum Essential Oil Blend for you.

Please do not take essential oils internally.  Keep away from children, eyes, wounds, animals open flames & treasured surfaces. If you are receiving treatment for any condition, please check with your health-care professional before using an essential oil.

Power beads

From the dawn of history, people have associated different stones with certain powers – powers for healing, for happiness, for inspiration, wealth and love. Unlike some companies who sell glass imitations, we have selected the finest quality genuine semi-precious stones.

Feel the Power! Now you too can enrich and take control of your life with a little help from your power bead bracelet. Combine different elements for even greater power, be it passion, self control or money!

Crystal energisers

An exceptional and exclusive collection of crystal art
only available from the Feng Shui Store.

A beautiful collection of crystal art designed especially for the Feng Shui Store. You will not find this range of exclusive crystal art anywhere else in the world. We only use the finest quality and all our products are hand made to the highest standard. As with all our products they are cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy, this means you are ensured that every item you buy from us has a unique positive energy.

The perfect present:

Swarovski Lead crystal and genuine semi-precious quartz cluster

These spectacular clusters have been custom-made just for us, a magnificent piece of unique crystal sculpture. Energise the energy in your home or office and clear negative energy. Made with 18 individual pieces.

Dusty Miller Cures


The Dusty Millers are an Elfin tribe that has been in the ShaMan business for centuries. Over the years they have made countless people very special items, many of whom have become leaders in their field of endeavour. The Dusties themselves are world famous for their work with ‘LiveWood.’



Hanging faceted crystals are one of the most popular and widely used Feng Shui cures. Hung in the windows, doorways and passageways of your environment they are masters at slowing down ‘shar chi’ (negative energy). We have carefully chosen a selection of the range of Swarovski Austrian 30% leaded glass crystals, generally regarded as the market leaders in the UK.

Crystals have been known for centuries for their power to energise and have been used as a healing tool for 1000’s of years. They are the ultimate symbol of the earth element.

If you would like more information on any of these items before or after purchase please e-mail us at: