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Always remembered do it now and then regret to said “I wish i had done it earlier”


Stress, worries – we’re so good at projecting into the future when it comes to that. What we’re not so good at projecting, are the consequences of our all actions years from now. This is likely because when it comes to the choices we make today, the cost of these choices can seem very minor. It may seem like too much effort versus the return we get over the next few years. It’s like putting on sunscreen – You can clearly see the difference in the long-term. As with any kind of investment, or any kind of long-term thinking, when you get to the future, you’re so thankful you did it. But when you’re 12, you don’t see yourself being 40, and that’s why there’s just more cost than benefit to putting sunscreen. And when you’re 40 and you realise how important it is, you can’t put on on 10 layers of sunscreen at one time, hoping that it’ll turn your skin around. It’s the same as your relationships. We can’t not invest in a relationship for 10 years and then suddenly for one year, we start treating the person like they’re the best in the world and we expect the relationship to reflect the love of a decade squeezed into one year. Brad Pitt is 53 years old and divorced with 6 kids, and in a candid interview with GQ Style, he talked about the kind of person he’s been all these years, and that it hit him during his divorce that he’s “got to be more”. He said, “I think I spent a lot of time avoiding feelings and building structures, you know, around feelings. And now, I have no time left for that.” Today, when we make our choices, do we think about what kind of cost or benefit there may be to us in 10, 20 years’ time? Until we get to the future, we’ll never know the cost of harbouring anger or resentment, or what benefits letting go will bring us. So we’ll just have to do our best, like with sunscreen, and start doing it early, so that it’s not only now, but also in the future, that we can be happy always!