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Believe On Yourself


We want to break the bad habits or negative patterns in our life, but sometimes, it’s so hard that we start to feel like there really is no point. We keep trying, and we keep failing. But are we really failing? Sometimes we take 5 steps forward and 3 steps back, and we feel so dejected by the 3 steps back that we think that there’s no change. But the fact is that we are moving forward, and the change creeps up over us, small enough to escape our notice. But if we keep taking steps forward, in time, the ‘insignificant’ progress will all accumulate into a significant change. You’ll see it is when something major happens in your life and you realize that you’re handling it better than you would have before. That’s progress. We understand that we have to keep exercising for a period of time and eventually we’ll see the changes in our body, so why is it that we become so easily dejected and feel like a failure when it comes to our progress in life? When our friend faces challenges, we would help and encourage her, we wouldn’t tell her she should be disappointed in herself or that she should give up on herself. So when it comes to our own flaws, and our own progress in life, we should encourage and help ourselves, not feel like we’re a failure or that we’re not good enough. Don’t ever give up putting in effort to create positive changes in your life, because as long as we’re trying, we ARE moving forward, and that’s the important part. Believe in yourself, and be happy, always.

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