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Do you know how important are Salt Water Cures?


Do you know how important are Salt Water Cures?

Busy-Salt-Water-CureSalt Water Cures are possibly one of the most crucial cure that you should use in your home or office all year round and has been an extremely well guarded secret in the Feng Shui community for thousands of years until we made this secret available to the public around 20 years ago. These days, this cure is very common as it has been copied by many sellers although you need to be careful that you are in fact getting the right formula and information on using this cure in the correct way or you could cause yourself problems. I am not saying that you have to purchase this cure from our store but am simply warning you of the problems you could encounter if you set this up without the correct instruction so please be very careful.

I am 28 years old and have been using Feng Shui my whole life as my parents have been using it for over forty years now so Feng Shui really has been around me during my whole life. During my 28 years, I can remember A Salt Water Cure being around as long as I can remember. After seriously studying Feng Shui for the last 12 years, I have learnt that Salt Water Cures work and they work very fast. Salt Water Cures can get to work straight away at tackling sickness, bad luck and loss of money that can be attracted from the #5 and #2 Flying Stars which in 2017 is located in the northwest (2) and south (5) but can also be used on your fixed Flying Star chart for your home and wherever the #5 and #2 stars are located monthly.

salt water cureIf you have not yet taken a look into the Flying Stars of your home or office, I would seriously recommend it as so many of your problems in life could be down to this. If you do not know how to calculate the Flying Star chart for your home or do not feel confident in having a go yourself. In 2017, the #5 star and #2 will be located in the northwest and south. With the #5 being in the south this year, this will activate sickness and misfortune and the #2 in the northwest will activate sickness, so it is vital to place the salt water cures in these areas to keep the stars from activating this year. The software will come in useful for 2017 and until the year 2024 as it gives advice on cures and enhancers.

Salt-Water-CureThere are a few things to consider when setting up a Salt Water Cure which I have listed below to make it as easy as possible for you.

  •  The Salt Water Cure should be in the open in your home or office, it should not be placed in a cupboard or drawer. You should always place your Salt Water Cure out in the open.
  • During hot temperatures, you may find that your Salt Water Cure tends to dry up and the water evaporates from the cure, it is advisable to carefully top the water up throughout the year.
  • The salt in a Salt Water Cure should be normal table salt although you can use rock salt if you wish.
  • You can set up a Salt Water Cure at any time of the year although you should always replace this on Chinese New Year. How many times a year you change your Salt Water Cure depends on how quick the cure forms crystals and when they get to a point where you can no longer manage them.
  • When disposing of a Salt Water Cure, you should be very careful and dispose of it in an old tupperware tub or in a thick bag that will not leak. The best place to dispose of a Salt Water Cure is to place it in a sealed dustbin/trash can. Do not try to reuse your container or coins as there will be a large amount of negative energy stored in these and this will just bring it straight back in to your home.
  • When setting a Salt Water Cure up, you must use 6 Chinese I-Ching Coins in a pint sized glass or jam jar or something similar and although we have had clients try to use normal currency coins, they have never reported back with any positive results. The I-Ching Coins should always be face up with four Chinese characters.
  • You use 6 Chinese I-Ching coins for a salt water cure as six is the Trigram for Chien and this is a metal element which will weaken the negative earth of the #5 and #2 Flying Stars.

How do I set my salt water cure up?

Place a place mat or piece of paper where you will be placing the Salt Water Cure where the #5 and #2 stars are located.

  1. Fill up a glass jar or pint glass with table or rock salt to about three quarters full.
  2. Place six I-Ching coins on top of the salt in a circle. the coins must come from a good Chinese dynasty, we carefully select only the finest I-Ching coins for our salt water cures Make sure the coins are Yang side up; this is the side with the four Chinese characters. Don’t worry if the coins sink into the salt as you pour the water.
  3. Fill the jar to the top with tap water. It would be a good idea to place a mat under the jar to protect furniture or flooring.
  4. The jar will form crystals over time; this shows that it is working to absorb the negative energy.
  5. Make sure the water is always topped up.
  6. Do not cover the top of glass/container.
  7. The salt water cure should not be placed in a cupboard.
  8. Try not to touch or move the jar too much as it stores a lot of negative energy