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Feng Shui Tips For Decorating Home


Feng Shui Tips For Decorating Home

Nowadays, we call life ‘the hectic life’; we usually wake up tired and we blame it exactly on that life. Relationship or love problems, financial, health, friends, no ambition, no inner satisfaction. Instead of finding excuses, look around your home and think. Is there anything that can be changed? Feng Shui sets some rules for better life and we prepared some of those for you. If you want to bring good fortune into your home, garden or office there are many ways to do it, from the colours in your room, to the way the mirror should be placed on the wall.

Feng Shui Bed Placement‘Wake up happier, wake up Feng Shui’

Your bedroom is the most important part of your home, it’s where you can be yourself. When you change your bedroom around, you need to make sure your bed is in the right position.

A – Good bed position. The bed is offset from the door and there is room for two bedside tables. The bed can also be in front of the window as long as there is support behind the bed (blinds that a re closed or a headboard).

B – Bad bed placement. This bed is in direct line of the energy coming in through the door. There is also no room for a second bedside table.

C- Bad bed placement. The energy coming in through the bedroom door is cutting across the bed.

D – Bad bed placement. The bed is too close to the door which will leave the person sleeping closest to the door with sleep troubles and a feeling of being on alert when in bed. There is also no space for a second bedside table.

Where your bed is placed in the bedroom plays an important role in attracting good fortune. You should not place the end of your bed pointing to the bedroom door. You can put it near a window as long as there is support behind the bed, like a headboard for example. You should also try to place a bedside table either side of your bed as this balances out the flow of Qi in the room. You should not sleep under ceiling beams as the beams cause Qi to create a ripple effect, the downward pressure affecting not only your sleep but also your health. If sleeping under beams is unavoidable, to lessen the effect you can hang crystal spheres, or alternatively paint the beams the same colour as the ceiling.

East Group Gua chartWest group Gua chart
Looking at the table, to promote a restful night, sleep with your head pointed towards your Fu Wei direction. This followed by yourYan Nian (second choice) and Tien Yi (third choice). Although your Sheng Chi direction is more favourable than Ho Hai to Chueh Ming, sleeping towards your Sheng Chi direction can cause insomnia. This is because your subconscious mind will continue to work at the same pace as when you are awake. The inability of the subconscious mind to relax often causes insomnia.



Paint your home in relaxing colours

Wood colours Feng ShuiEveryone wants a beautifully decorated and to feel warm and loved when they come back from a hard day’s work. Feng Shui doesn’t always mean that one has to put bamboos and water fountain everywhere. It means connecting your spiritual self to the natural surroundings. The colours red, green and blue are very important in Chinese living.

In Feng Shui, it’s also vital to know which direction the area you are decorating is in, as the colour you choose is focused on strengthening and nourishing the Feng Shui element within that area which will result in good Qi. The use of colour is very important in Feng Shui because each colour is an expression of one of the five elements- Wood, Earth, Fire, Water and Metal. It can bring balance, harmony and good energy to your home when done correctly.

Be careful with mirrors

Feng Shui mirrors in bedroomIf possible, you should avoid having mirrors in your room if you have sleeping problem. If you already have a mirror, try not to place it where you can see yourself while laying in bed and try to cover it if you cannot place it anywhere else. A mirror should not be placed in front of the bed because in that way you can attract a third party in your relationship!

Have a clutter free home

 When we clear the physical cutter in our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and good orderly direction to enter. Having clutter in any room of your home can block the flow of Qi and even prevent your life from moving forward. Having clutter in your bedroom can cause disturbed sleep.  So have a good sort out of your home, many of us do not realise how much of an impact clutter has on our lives.

Do you have good light?

Feng Shui bedroom lightingLight is one of the strongest manifestations of energy, so having the appropriate light is very important. Make sure you don’t have very strong/ bright lights in your room. You can also use candles because they can create a warm atmosphere. Before buying them, make sure they are toxin free; soy wax and bees wax are great to burn as they are 100% natural. You should place your candles in the South of your home, to enhance the fire element.



Artwork is not what you see, it’s what others see

Feng Shui artworkTry not to decorate your home with anything that sends a sad, lonely message. Instead, hang pictures or put decorations which will show an image of what you want to happen in your life. Images can carry a powerful energy. For example, people walking up a hill will enhance your future as this shows growth, stability and passion.

Keep your doors closed

Every door if possible should be closed at night, and even your closet or en suite bathroom door. That way, you will allow the nourishing flow of the energy to strengthen your health, as well as your relationship.

Keep the fresh air flowing

Feng Shui air flowHaving dirty windows or windows that are not in good condition can affect our ability to see and communicate with the world. So if you can, clean them often and repair them if needed. Also, if you want to, use a good quality air purifier. This will cleanse the air from negativity. Try to keep your windows open too, to keep the fresh air flowing and clearing all the bad Qi.

Plain and simple

Keep your bedroom very simple and don’t fill it with things you don’t need. Keep away the technology. Have the TV, the laptop or the exercise equipment somewhere else. They only bring you a bad energy – the energy of stress, bad mood and worries.

Take a bath, Relax..

Feng Shui bathroomA bathroom encourages both purification and renewal and is a wonderful place to release what is unwanted in your life. You can easily transform your bathroom into a symbol of vitality that will assist you in letting go of everything that no longer serves you. Take the opportunity to transform your daily shower or bath into a ritual of cleansing and purification. As you cleanse your body, simply hold the intention that you are “washing away the old and making room for the new.” I know it sounds too simple, but I’ve found it to be a very profound and intentional act that centres the mind and releases negativity. Try not to put photographs of yourself, friends, or family members in your bathroom. The same goes for any images relating to your career, personal projects or passions – you’ll just be flushing them down the drain if you do! You also want to make sure that the bedroom and bathroom are visually separated — use a screen or curtain if necessary.

I have put together 10 top tips for you on how to Feng Shui your bathroom;

  1. Your bathroom must be clutter-free
  2. Keep it well-ventilated and smelling good
  3. Your bathroom should be well lit
  4. Use colours like greens and blues
  5. Place plants to purify the air and bring in vital energy
  6. Use appropriate images as a metaphor for purification and renewal—
    like trees, flowers, meadows, the sea, and rivers
  7. Keep toilet lid down and the door closed
  8. Keep drains closed when not in use
  9. Add some wood elements to balance the water
  10. Uplift and enhance energy with a faceted crystal

Another important part of your home is the entrance. It represents who we are. Similar to the car we drive or the clothes we wear, much can be said about the outward apperance of the main entrance. Yet, aside from visual factors, the front door is the primary location for the invisible Qi force to enter.

Feng Shui front door

The size of your front door should be in proportionate to the size of an average person. In the image below, it shows illustrations 2 and 3 have an entrance that is too tall and too large, respectively. Doors of this size encourage valuable Qi to escape. In Feng Shui it is believed you may experience financial loss by having such a grand entrance.

However, if your entrance is too small, you are restricting Qi from entering.  If your home is affected by a lamppost, telephone/mobile mast or a road junction then you can place a protection Ba Gua mirror at the front of your home to direct the negative Qi away from your entrance.

Your front and back door should not be in alignment, this is because the Qi will enter through one door and leave through the other. The front entrance should be well lit. By protecting the main entrance, you’ll be promoting better health, wealth and happiness.

The colour you paint your door is also very important in Feng Shui as it determines good luck. If your door is South facing it should be painted in shades of red or orange, North facing doors should be painted in shades of blue right through to black. West facing doors are best painted in shades of grey through to white and East facing doors should be painted in shades of brown and green.

Time for a change?

Have you ever thought about changing your living room around? Or even your kitchen? If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to achieving harmony, balance, good health and prosperity.

The furniture in the room should be a mixture of yin and yang. Balance dark with light, angled corners with round. The furniture should be in proportionate to the room. The pieces should be arranged evenly to facilitate easy access. Sofas are best placed against a wall and the backs of sofas should not face any entrances. This is because you can’t see what is coming from behind you. With your back towards a solid wall you are protecting yourself from misfortune. All areas should be clutter free.

Living next to a place of worship, school hospital or fire station can cause health risks. Living on gently sloping or flat terrain is better than living on a hill or steep incline. The shape of your house affects how vital Sheng Qi is able to accumulate and settle. If you work from home or try and adapt Feng Shui to your place of work, to increase productivity; your back should be supported by a wall and the desk should be stationed away from doors and windows.

When you pick furniture, statues, artwork, ornaments, and any other decoration for your home or office, both inside and out, you should always try to look past what you see.

Some of you maybe be thinking, it’s easier said than done right?

For me, I live in a home where I can’t shut my bedroom door at night as my staircase leads straight into my bedroom, I don’t have room in my bedroom for 2 bedside tables and I have a 10 month old daughter and as you can imagine having a clutter free home is very hard. I am very limited with space but I adapt my Feng Shui in a way which suits my home life.

As some on you may know the Bagua is the Feng Shui floor plan, which reveals the nine sections of your space and how they correspond to major areas of your life. Because you have a small space or a room, your bagua will be very simple! You can see each of the nine areas just by looking around the room. Our Feng Shui Software can help you to find the bagua of an entire house, but the same principles apply to a single room. If you don’t already know the bagua areas of your room, you can find out using our Feng Shui Software. Then choose just one simple way to accentuate and activate each area in your space. The accents you choose for each area don’t have to be big or visible. In my case, I think quality not quantity. For example, you could choose a small Buddha statue, a framed postcard of a mountain painting, a tiny vase of living bamboo, or just an empowered crystal. The important thing is that each object feels powerful for you and reminds you of the qualities you’d like to experience in each life area. The centre of the room doesn’t actually need any object to empower it, as it is just representing the area where all the other areas merge and mix.

Happy Decorating- Happy Feng Shui-ing!