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Welcome to my Healthcare products store  ,attach link is my website mostly reverse aging product:- (Instantly Ageless)

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1)What is RESERVE – A unique blend of SUPERFRUIT containing a powerhouse of antioxidant that work together as a defense against free radical damage..

RESERVE makes the feeling of youthful living last, with a botanical blend of antioxidant that super charge your internal system, RESERVE is naturally sweet supplements bursting with exotic fruits juice. It contains a host powerful ingredients that repair free radical damage and protect cell against future harm. Your cell stay healthier, live longer and leave you looking and feeling great.
Contains :-RESVERATROL, Dark sweet berry 🍒, Blueberry, Concord Grape 🍇, Pomegranate and Acai Berry, Grape Seed Extract
The correct method for eating reserve:

🙋Q: After consuming reserve, how long should I wait before drinking water?
💬A:Generally, it recommended to drink water after 10 minutes. The reserve leftover in the mouth is still passing its nutrients into our body through our saliva glands.

Generally, these are the positive changes you may have after consuming reserve initially:

1. You may feel hungry easily. Reserve helps to improve your metabolism. There is no need to diet, you can snack a little to sooth your hunger pangs.

2. Your digestive system may function better, and you will not feel bloated after your meal.
**Drinking more water also helps to improve on your metabolism, as dehydration can cause imbalance in the metabolism process.

3. Improve in the quality of sleep, especially in the case of insomnia caused by biological factors.

4. Improve in endurance and increase in energy levels.
– after consuming reserve for 2 hours, you will notice that you are refreshed and active!
– If your body is more acidic, you may have symptoms of yawning and tiredness. This is a signal from the body that you need to rest more to rejuvenate your bodily functions.

5. Resveratrol is especially effective to reduce inflammation and swelling, such as arthritis, external wounds, ulcers in the mouth, etc.

6. For those who take 2 packs and above continuously for 1 week plus, they saw visible improvement in their libido.

7. A lot of reserve consumers feedback that their alcohol limit has improved. Reserve has also been found to be able to protect the liver functions and improve its ability in bodily detoxification, hence good for those who consumed too much alcohol.

8. If you have excessive water retention in your body resulting in being bloated, reserve will definitely help. Resveratrol can help to restore and improve kidney functions. When our kidneys are healthy and function optimally, we will be more energetic and lively.

9. After consuming reserve for 3-5 days, you’ll notice that your bowels motions become smoother, feel hungry more frequent, improve in your sleep quality, and have improvements in your kidney and liver functions. These are the initial symptoms that your bodily is functioning better, and you are beginning to lose weight.

For women, if you have flabby parts on your waist, you’ll notice that it will become more firm. Based on customer feedback, this usually is felt after 10 – 15 days.

Apart from consuming reserve, you can also use it externally! Such as:
1. Using it as a mask.
– the leftover reserve can be applied on the face to improve complexion, firmness, and glow!

2. Apply on open wounds. Resveratrol can help to reduce swelling and inflammation, stop bleeding, and reduce scarring. It is especially helpful for scalding, and diabetic patients.

3. Reduce itchiness.

4. Reduce dryness and flaking of skin.

5. Helps to reduce effects of alcohol upon getting drunk. – consume 2 pack of reserve before drinking alcohol, and 2 pack after. This will help to sooth the side effects of alcohol, such as headache, nausea, etc.

6. If you are having headache, couch, fever, sore throat etc, take 1 – 6 packs of reserve. It can help your body recover faster and compliment any treatment you are currently undergoing; and even reduce the need for medication and treatment if not too severe. For children, the dosage can be reduced.

7. Reduce spots and pigmentation. Daily, frequent application of reserve can help to reduce, sometimes even remove dark spots.

8. For tooth aches, ulcers, swollen gums etc, taking reserve can help to relief the pain and aid in recovery.

9. For pimples and zits, applying reserve can help to soften and shrink it to heal faster.

10. Any parts of the body having ulcers, applying reserve directly on it can help to reduce pain, and help it subside within 3-5 days.

11. For female genital problems like inflammation and yeast infections, you can apply reserve at the infected areas, the healing properties is amazing! Even to address urinary tract infection, it works.

12. When having period, consuming reserve can help to increase your immunity and reduce risk of infection and falling sick.











8、 如果有水腫或浮腫的客戶,服用大約1個星期左右,浮腫或水腫開始消失,白藜蘆醇保護腎臟功能,增 強腎臟代謝能力明顯增強,腎是先天之本,一旦腎臟機能還原正常,人會顯得特別有活力,精神面貌,氣色變好,精神會逐漸還原正常



2)Luminnesce Serum

Ours unique anti-aging/reverse aging / 反向老化/ 延迟老化, product of new era Nanotechnology, so call LUMINNESCE SERUM that have more than 140 growth factor complex compare with outside markets Serum , n said no no to e so expensive Botox injection 💉 anymore!!


This product will change your life ,so unique anti-aging product , INSTANTLY AGELESS is a powerful anti-wrinkle micro-cream that works quickly and effectively.. Don’t worry on this product, more than 140 countries use this product already with amazing results!!View video link below testimonial:-