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Human Evolution


Human Evolution


The beings seen in my pictures are symbols of Higher Spirits helping human beings to evolve and to become more conscious. They first appeared in my meditations. The caps on their heads are open on top in order for them to receive guidance. So far, I am unable to simply ‘do’ a picture; I have to wait until it comes. This is a totally different process to my usual professional way of working. After some anxiety, I had to accept that I am simply a servant and can only apply my will within the service. That state developed into a very grateful happiness.

Prayer for the balance of the planet

Since the spiral is a symbol of human evolution, these Spirit helpers are trying to balance the situation on the planet using prayer.

In search of human consciousness

In 1900 Greek sponge divers found an antique shipwreck. Within it was something known as the Antikythera Mechanism, the first known analogue computer. Scientists could only X-ray it one hundred years later to discover the inner mechanism, and it is thought to possibly come from the school of Archimedes in Corinth or the famous ancient library of Pergamum. This inspired me to show this eternal urge in human beings to search and to strive. The released cranes are the freed thoughts.


Here the Spirit helper is giving an olive branch to a soul being initiated into learning. The Spirit helpers are mostly clad in forms of nature.


Here a human being, not yet conscious, is being born out of plant-existence into the beginnings of consciousness.