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Meaning of Life becomes so precious with death.


Meaning of Life becomes so precious with death

Life becomes so precious with death. Here’s why it’s a privilege to be alive. X If you enjoyed watching this, subscribe to the channel for DAILY inspirational vi Why do bad things happen to good people? I don’t know. I wonder if anybody knows. We meet the most wonderfulkind and gentle people who have always contributed and given who are also patient and loving and they leave us all so quickly, so early. This leads me to wonder if death could be as much of a blessing as lifeand it’s very difficult to not immediately say “No, of course not, it can’t be!”. Death brings so much pain and sorrow not just for the departed but for those left behind.It’s hard to continue living life with meaning when someone we love deeply is suddenly gone from this world. But I really do wonder if death isn’t some sort of measure of life. Without death, wouldn’t life be significantly less precious? The way we’re built, we always appreciate things more when we don’t have an infinite number of them and the same goes for our mortality. It’s what defines humankind. Understanding all of this doesn’t make it any easier when a life gets cut short, of a sickness, or an accident. What can bring us comfort is what we believe of life and death and why we exist in the first place. Nobody truly knows what happens after death. Is there still consciousness? Are we truly, and absolutely gone? I’d like to believe that we all exist for this brief period of time for a reason. Even if we live to a 100, it’s still brief. So whatever time we have here on earth however many minutes and hours and days we have… we have to make a conscious effort to remind ourselves to make the most out of our time here. I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, but I do know that death happens to everyone. We are all connected by life, right now despite race, despite religion, despite money and power and status, we are breathing the same air, we’re all given the same privilege to be alive. So we can all be grateful and whilst we’re living we can choose to be happy, always.


When a child is resting in his mother’s womb, he cannot see his mother and cannot cry to his mother to come. They both are present but cannot see each other. We are all in the womb of THAT infinite truth