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Land listing 3-July-2017 (FOR SALE):-

Oil palm and Orchard land planted with various species for sale.Below is the information :-
Batu 10, Jalan Karak,Bentong,Mukim Sabai, Karak,Pahang (6KM from Karak, Pahang facing main road)
Land Title:- Agricultural (FREEHOLD) ,under 4 titles and 4 lots (99.7+7+7.56+6.1 acres). Total area= 120.36 acres
Price:-RM210k per acre
 –>30-40++ acres planted with oil palm tress-5 years old
–>50-60++ acres planted with mature durina tress of various types(Musang King,D2,D24,D78,D88,D101,Red Prawn,Black thorn,Tekka…etc
–>Others fruits include rambutan and 100 newly planted variants of musang king.
–>20-30++ acres of vacant land
–>Well kept with workers quarters,fish pond,water & power supply

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