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Wonderful of Tulsi Plant Sri Hanumanda and Healing Magical Mantra


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18-April 2017 Post
In Indian Culture, keeping a Tulsi plant in the house is very important. 
But,have you wondered why?

              Tulsi Plant Ohm

Tulsi a sacred symbol, it is said that the Tulsi plant helps in removing
all the fault in vaastu of the house. 
It wards off negative energy keeping tranquility and peace within the house.
Tulsi plant is also considered as a symbol of good luck.
Many people eat a Tulsi leaf before go out for something important but that not
all,there are scientific reason as well which makes the Tulsi plant a sacred symbol.
Tulsi is an essential ingredient in Ayurcedic medicines, due to its antimicrobial 
properties it is also packed with antioxidant which helps flights diseases like 
diabetes and cancer.

Magical Healing Mantra 
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