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Tips Choosing Artwork, Statues & Furniture With Feng Shui Principles


Tips Choosing Artwork, Statues & Furniture With Feng Shui Principles

Willow tree Feng Shui


“I was out with my Dad (Michael) yesterday, buying a birthday Card for my Mum (Jo) when we came across this relationships statue in Clinton Cards.

Michael and I had mixed views on the Feng Shui of the statue, what do you see?”

We got some great feedback and I will reply to some of your thoughts on this page.

“I would buy the statue in the background. It represents love. The foreground statue seems sad, as if she’s being consoled.”

I would agree with this. When I first saw this figurine, I saw a couple that looked as though they had received bad news and had been talking through their options. and supporting each other The statue in the background shows a lot of love in their body language even though you cannot see any emotion on their faces.

“I don’t like them. No faces bothers me for one thing. I agree that the one in the front looks like they are both sad and someone they loved died.”

The lack of facial features shows a lack of personalisation and emotion and you could also look at it that the people are incomplete.

“The statue can be positive or negative depending on how it is displayed. In a open bright/lighted space, the statue at the front and back look like a loving couple. In a dark space, the front (sadness/death) and the back (infidelity). Personally, no faces bother me. It represents death or ominous spirit in some cultures.”

This is a fantastic way to look at it; when placed in a bright area, the figurines symbolise love and has a much more positive vibe to it although when placed in a dark area, it could be seen as sadness and mourning.

I quickly edited the same image to make all of the background dark and tone down the bright white; would you say that the figurine has the same symbolism as the original image?

At the time of writing this, I had a look on the willow tree website and came across a lot of reviews on the statue; the one that caught my eye was a lady saying that she found this statue in a hospital gift shop while her father was ill and she bought it for them saying that “this was the last gift I gave my Father”. I know that this wont have had anything to do with his illness, but somewhere along the line, this lady suited the statue to her current situation in her life.

When you pick furniture, statues, artwork, ornaments, and any other decoration for your home or office, both inside and out, you should always try to look past what you see.

My strongest memory of this was many years ago when Michael came back from a consultation in New York with a very large canvas oil painting that he purchased while he was away. The picture was of an elegant man with a large panama hat walking down the streets of Paris, France with such confidence with a woman on each arm. Michael came back with the picture and showed us all which is where it all went wrong…

Josephine took one look at the picture and said it has to go. Josephine pointed out that Michael wanted to put this picture in their relationship area, this picture of a man walking along with a woman on each arm… Needless to say, the picture has remained wrapped in their loft for the last 12 years. Michael is the first to admit even though he is considered the most renowned Feng Shui master he bought the painting for its beauty and not what it represented.

Another more recent memory I have is on a recent consultation with Michael where we were in a stunning home in north England. The Feng Shui of the home was pretty good and they couldn’t figure out why they were having wealth problems.  We looked through their charts, went round the house, the front of the home and then got to the back.

In the garden were two 6 foot vintage ship cannons which usually would make a fantastic protection Cure although these two cannons were pointed towards the home which happened to be the primary wealth area for this home (double 8 sitting) which can actually cause huge money and health problems and did for this person and worst still they were made of the finest quality metal which was weakening the good earth water star and also the mountain star. We moved the cannons to face away from the home for protection although the reality soon set in that we could not move these full size cannons on wet grass so she soon got a few workers with machinery in to turn them both 180 degrees although our long term recommendation was to move them to the west of the home where they had a five yellow nd 2 black star and also this area looked onto a hospital so two cures in one and a perfect solution. Their money and health problems stabilised within a short time.

Cannons are a fantastic protection Cure and the brass cannons are one of the very first products we started selling 16 years ago. Another great protection Cure is a tiger or Lion statue pointed away from the home and any time you place a tiger, Temple Lion or Fu Dog, you should always place them by your door facing away from your home. Facing in to your home can be seen as attacking your home or office so please be careful with this.

Whenever you pick new furnishings, decorations or artwork for your home or office, try to look past your initial thoughts and look in to the background of the photo, statue or shape. In the last 10 years, Banksy prints have become extremely popular in homes around the world and most of the time, they highlight the negatives in life such as the girl with the heart shaped balloon blowing away; yes this shows a heart but also shows love out of reach.